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Your journey, your story

Whether it is a corporate event, individual or group travel,
We design a special experience for you from beginning to end. 

Our route

Atalante, a demi-goddess in Greek mythology, is said to represent Artemis. Since she grew up in difficult conditions in nature, she became both a master hunter and a strong runner. Undeterred by difficulties, Atalante is so confident in her strength and speed that she agrees to marry only someone who can beat her in a running race. 

Like Atalante, with whom we share the same name, we rely on our ability to develop creative solutions in times of crisis, our speed of taking action in the face of changing conditions, and our experience in dealing with problems. 

Every event; It can turn into a marathon with challenging routes, variable weather and unexpected obstacles. 
MICE agencyAs a company, we are used to running on different tracks, short or long distance. 
Let us run the marathon part of the company event, leaving you to enjoy the victory at the finish line.

Our services

Flight Ticket, Visa, Accommodation

  • Ticketing procedures of all airlines

  • Corporate and individual flight reservations

  • Visa consultancy services

  • Corporate and individual hotel reservations

  • Event accommodation services

MICE Services

We organize motivational trips, meetings, events and launches suitable for your concept all over the world. We prepare events that fit your brand story and budget.

  • Corporate event management

  • Professional event planning

  • Conference organization

  • Business meeting planning

  • Incentive travel programs

  • Fair planning services

Exclusive Tours

Just tell us where you want to go and leave the rest to us. If you wish, we can find the destination, you won't have to worry about choosing.

  • Destination selection and content planning

  • Group travels

  • Individual travels

Our story

Although Atalante was officially founded in 1991, its story dates back to 1980. Kürşad Erdem, one of the founders of the brand, was a student at Boğaziçi University at the time and could reach the school from Erenköy by changing 3 vehicles and climbing a hill. Saying that this cannot happen, he rolls up his sleeves and signs an agreement with the Ulusoy company. This is how one first starts planning an intercontinental trip. The shuttle service, which started as one round trip a day with 94 students, has now been carrying a quarter of the school in a few years. In the same years, he goes on his first long journey. He first goes to India by plane with his friends, and from there he arrives in Nepal with an 18-hour bus ride. Afterwards, neither the difficulty of transportation, accommodation conditions nor unpleasant surprises prevent him from traveling. Even though he has seen many places on his must-see list, if you ask him to go, he immediately starts making plans. It can go to the most difficult to reach spots in the world, such as Antarctica or Easter Island, and return without getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle. 
Her curiosity for travel and passion for adventure also flows through Atalante's veins. From a launch at a museum in Budapest, to a gala at a temple or a champagne breakfast in a remote part of Africa, we offer our customers unique experiences in different locations. We design events specific to the story of each brand, from large established companies to small boutique businesses.

To prepare for the marathon, let's get to know you a little bit.

After receiving information about your brand and the event you are planning, make our preparations and we will offer you our suggestions as soon as possible.

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